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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 21, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here. >> happy hanukkah, america. are negative ads taking a toll on newt gingrich? some say yes, but others insist the ads are working. plus, senator tom coburn releases a report highlighting $7 billion worth of government waste. the shocking story that will make you so mad you will shrug your shoulders. and the top achieving people under 30. or as i like to call them,
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people under 30 who make me sick. >> thank you, andy. >> happy hanukkah to you. >> i am not one of you. >> you are not? >> you are not? >> how are you on tv? >> people assume i'm in your club. >> aren't you nervous about coming out like this? >> yes, i know how powerful you are. and by you i mean all of you. >> well, i will have to bring this up at the next meeting. >> i am not surprised, but i will bring up the brochures and the fliers you made in the early 90s with ron paul. >> have a great show jie. thank you. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot she sets off fire alarms on the sun. and those are pretty powerful fire alarms, people. i am here with co-host of "the five," what is that show? weekdays at 5:00 p.m. eastern. she is so adorable, that barbie wants a veronica mosie dream house for christmas. it is veronica mosie.
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and all he wants for christmas is his two front teeth and heroin. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so sharp he gives crew cuts with his tongue. the editor in chief of "the daily caller." and our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> today's front page, he asks the question, why did it take the state department over 48 hours to learn of kim jong-il? or if you get all of your news from a portable subscription service, via the times, 72 hours. pribt is dead. -- print is dead. >> you were in much better form last night, pinch. >> i was told somebody was pulling me, and he left an undesirable odor all over my undisclosed string. the one that does president actually exist. >> anyway -- >> way any. >> here we go again. >> or again we go here.
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on tuesday, north korea kept in line with every other backwards dictator-lead nation by ghoulishly showcasing the body of their dead/ugly leader kim jong-il. the exa-hole was visited by his song kim jong-un or comrade kim paid his respect with a grief stricken heart. it is true. he carried said heart in a bag. they broadcast images of the body covered with a red blanket and his head above a white pillow while the coffin was covered with white flowers that the starving locals would have devoured if they could of -- could. for more, let's go to our korea correspondent, cop, the office penguin for analysis.
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>> all of the news that's fit to peck, people. tucker, what is it with weird countries obsessing with showcasing their dead under glass? come on, if you believe that god himself died and his body under glass, would you visit it? the creator of the universe, you could go and press your face on his mossly yum, would that be more compelling than the stat few -- statue of liberty? >> i would do it for elvis jie. think of elvis times 10. >> okay, elvis times 10. >> well that would be like michael jk son. >> is this death display supposed to give closure to a country that wanted it decades ago? >> yes, but no one is crying. they are just so scared that if they don't go they will be imprisoned. a couple women were faking tears. >> they had to do that. i would be self-conscious. i know you are not supposed to care. if i knew i was dying i would
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say, i have to lose five pounds. those flowers on the casket oddly look like those on the set of "the five." >> i noticed that. and they were probably from the same company and they are artificial. if you are a fox news anchor and you croak you will be concerned about how you look. they will have to touch you up all the time. veronica, what do you make of this practice? do you still find him attractive? i know you loved him when you are alive. >> he is extremely hot. >> it is whatever disease everyone in this country -- that was terrible. i'm sorry. when i saw the glass case i thought the first thing i would want to say is can i get a pound of swiss? it looks like a deli case. it reminded me of the show "cake boss" where the guy is like, my sister-in-law wanted a cake that looks like a dictator. >> i think you gave somebody a
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great idea. bill, you roomed with kim jong-un, the son, in sleep away camp. any insight as to what he was like as a leader? >> no lie, i know somebody who went to school with him. his nickname was kim-jung-grunt. no lie. i like what you are saying. it looks legitimate. how can all of these abused people be crying over this monster? and then i realize they are starving. he looks like a stuffed sausage with a pom paw doer on him. >> look, you saw this when stalin died in 1953. there was well-documented people accounts of people bursting -- they were bursting into tears. there is a psychology behind it. why did this one midget get to rule the population? >> there is another demented
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midget that is just as hot coming. >> not to repeat myself a third time because this will be the third time, what happens to cats when the cat lady dies? the cats don't know the cat lady is crazy. they just know the cat lady feeds them, and they think the cat lady is the center of the universe. kim gung ill was the cat lady and north koreans are cats. >> i love it when you raise your hand. >> i just saw election again. there was a cat lady that worked at one of my dad's diners and when she died another cat lady took the cats in. >> there you go. she was the kim gung u.n.-- the kim jong-un cat lady. >> i wants to ask you, tucker, how many side by side comparisons of like -- like totalitarianism and free markets do you need? you have east and west germany. how many do we need to know that this doesn't work?
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excuse me. >> you know, i'm not sure the verdict is in yet. if we get people together and force them to contribute to the state, we know how to make this country morey -- more efficient. >> if texas -- would you see immigration from or into texas. >> people would move to texas. on that note, let's move, imigrate, if you will, to the next segment. all right, from corpses to caucuses. as the ads makes him sag, newt is blasting his rivals for blasting him and trying to shame rawn paul, mitt romney and others into stopping their tv attacks which apparently are working. according to the campaign experts, ie my pet turtle, the negative messages are a big reason for gingrich's collapse
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in the iowa polls. >> he doesn't have the discipline you want in a president. >> he is out and basically he is out in the left wing of the republican party. >> frightening. on tuesday, the former speaker called out his critiqueers. >> it probably depends on whether the people decide to reward those running negative campaigns or those who decide they are disgusted with it and turn away from us. but they are just plain not true, and they are saying things that are absurd, you know. to attack me as a conservative when i have a 90% lifetime american conservative voting, it is just absurd. >> how did he do all of that without moving his lips? and why was he talking to a giant star? weird guy. for a wrap of this and other
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political news of the day let's go live to pug in a hammock. pug? oh x, look at ron paul in there sleeping. do you think president obama is using it as a defense? >> yes, definitely. negative ads work. you look back at 2006 and there is a lot of members of congress at the time, and republicans lost the house. they lost the senate. there are a lot of members who are saying, i am going to run a very positive campaign. and strategists like myself are sitting there laughing saying that does president work. -- that does president work. you have to run ads. there were 10,000 points taken out at newt gingrich. he doesn't have that much money and that's a joke. >> that's the point, tucker.
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he doesn't have the money to run negative ads. >> very smart analysis, they work and they are largely true and they do move numbers. guess what doesn't work? bitchig about them. >> they are being mean to me. take it like a man. suck it up. >> i remember runing that ad against you in 2003, tucker carlson is a [bleep]. >> it was partly true for one thing. >> yes, it worked, didn't it? >> you took it like a man. aren't the negative ads kind of fun? >> they are fun. for me have i to say honestly, i have to be honest. mitt romney is so attractive. he can do anything. he could have aired an ad and i would have been totally cool with that. it doesn't matter to me. >> i think that would win an election if he did that.
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have i never seen a political campaign that went sour on the front-runner. >> they have staff members walk out left and right. i don't understand his line of responding to the attacks. he says it is not true, but he doesn't give one example. and then he unleashes a batting average. but the conservatives for the right wing thinking got it right. they say i have 90%. that's his response. i have a batting average of 90%. compared to what? i never heard of that before. >> do you think if ron paul wins in iowa that newt will not have negative ads when they go for new hampshire? >> i don't know. that confuses me. what happens if paul wins iowa? panic. maybe they ask themselves why
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does this 70ish weird guy have all of this support? how do we address those concerns? maybe they are not happy with afghanistan. think it through a little bit. >> that's the problem with paul. 60% of what he says is good stuff. everybody likes the idea, but then -- how do you explain it? the other 40% is wacky. >> there is a percentage of the country that is crazy. the crazy people will have somewhere to go. but i agree with tucker. a lot of the things he says you shake your head go he -- going he is con sis assistants. he could win. and that's why the action
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conference and he may be mitt romney's secret weapon. if he places ahead of newt in iowa he can knock them out. mitt romney says, look, crazy guy. >> you are right. my problem with ron paul is they ignore anything positive about ron paul, and they only hear the negative. if you say ron paul did this good and ron paul did that good. and then you say, but i don't like what he said talking about iran. i don't know what that is. they are like am way. because nobody takes them seriously. >> we talk about them like three or four times a year. >> also he presents himself and his body language a as mr. burns' kinder, simpler brother. >> i can't say that i should give him fashion tips. but i think he needs to pull the jacket down. >> that's the point. he is not a phony. it is so obvious.
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it is totally sincere. >> the rest of him is legit. >> his eyebrows are beautiful. >> from newt to dragons, who could possibly hate robot dragons? you were asking me the other day, of course you were asking me, tom coburn for one. on tuesday they issued a waste book report that identifies $7 billion worth of what he calls unnecessary or stupid projects paid for by your tax dollars. $10 million for a pack of remakes of "sesame street," it is about time. and $175,000 to study how cocaine affects the sex life of scwail. and $600,000 on a study of white chimps. and almost $800,000 to build an ihop in an upscale washington, d.c. neighborhood all good examples of government waste. and then they start slamming important programs like funding for the american museum of magic. a grant for research design
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and robot dragons and subsidizing a great charity called greg's kids. it is a program run by late night talk show hosts and a stretching class for kids and their white panel van. it is a life saver. let's go to live to no depth perception cat. what is going on? >> don't worry. she is fine. cats do that all the time. the country needs robot dragons and magic. >> you are talking to a person whose parents drove 250 miles to see the world's largest ball of yarn. have you ever hung out with quails?
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well, bill knows. >> well, they say this has never happened before, repeatedly, a lot. >> it has never happened. were quails ever trying to tell you their screenplay ideas? >> dash out real quickly. you can see them hailing a cab and they are idiots. >> at this point we just laugh at this stuff. we know there is is a government expans. >> i want to thank the governor of the ihop in my neighborhood. $7 billion is not much. i mean, -- >> what about amtrak? >> it is the department of energy. if you want to zero out wasteful spending, you would just never stop. >> amtrak makes this look like nothing. andrea, we are never going to anything close to a balanced budget, are we? >> not anymore.
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this is republicans and democrats doing this. and why are they so obsessed with pancakes? i know have you an ihop out of the deal, but there is $100,000 spents on pancakes for -- spent on pancakes forup peas. can't yuppies buy their own pancakes? they are supposed to be rich, like you, tucker. >> i am hardly a yuppie .'s. >> maybe prepy. >> basically pancakes are waffles without the attitude. i don't need ridges. >> they are flater and straighter. they are middle american. >> what kind of breakfast would you subsidize? i would take a pancake over a waffle. >> the belgian waffle, go back to wherever a belgian waffle came from. >> yeah, america first, baby. >> i have been calling them tree dom waffles for some time. i recommend you do the same. >> bill, you call a lot of things freedom waffles. >> like my roommate. >> by the way -- do i have
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time? no? "sesame street," why not just give them that show instead of $10 million to recreate it, just give them "sesame street." i don't get that. >> or give them all of the coke addicted quails and turn that into a show. >> they give us osama bin laden and we give them a $10 million version of "sesame street"? why are ugly people so depressing? we discuss the new book "hi, captain homely. get the hell away from me." a good book, actually. first, what causes people to unfriend you on facebook? asking them to actually helps.
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turns out teens don't like vegetarian curry. and here i thought i knew teens and curry.
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earlier this year public schools introduced a new healthful lunch menu. getting rid of chocolate milk which is racist. nachos and nuggets and offering crap like salads and nude -- noodles and something called tamales. what is this a foreign country like portland? according to the l.a. times, an actual paper, students hate that junk and the program is dropped by the thousands. with principals reporting massive waste as entire uneaten on trays are thrown away. kids instead are turning to a growing under ground market for chips, candy and fast-food burgers with one 11th grader noting, quote, we are eating more junk food now than last year. not much of a quote from an 11th grader, if you ask me. and even a principal compared it to prohibition. for more we go to our health food cory spawn correspondent, hungry pour could you pine.
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>> i don't believe they make that noise. i think they dubed that in. >> i think if they made that noise they wouldn't be a pour could you pine. >> since you are talking, i might as well go to you. isn't this another prohibition that they are working toward a nanny state ban. >> i have a couple of teenagers. at least two. >> that's not worth it either. >> you can't make healthy food taste good. they try for over a thousand years. >> my problem is i eat cereal like every day for dinner.
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>> cereal is great food. >> it is great food. that's all you need. >> that's why it is so amazing. it shows somebody from another country like hawaii. it will freak him out. the fact is, this can't go after our minds, so they are going after our bellies. and even the typical food that isn't that bad pathai is not so bad. >> when you were 14 would you have eaten that? >> i wish i did. >> no. >> you would have had ho-ho's. >> and that's the moral of the story. the food you can buy with the food stamps are still not good enough. you can go and buy wild salmon. i can't even afford them. >> bill, your nickname was
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wild salmon. for reasons i can't get into. doesn't the menu sounds like a divorced spinster who comes from the aroma therapy shop? >> yes, the offense could be a little better, but it is no secret. kids are hypoglycemic butter balls with a life span of 25. i don't have the numbers to back it up. >> i saw that study, and i think you are right. >> the problem is the cooks. for every -- this goes back to when we were kids. lunch ladies are terrible, terrible cooks. but they had the aide of fly frying everything. they had the aide of dumping lard on everything. we went out and ran around. they don't do that. you have to cook better to give them better food. >> why don't they just parent? you know, pack your kids' lunch like a super healthy lunch like my parents, peanut butter and jelly and chips. >> i hated my -- everybody talks about that, but i hated
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my parents' lunches. by the time you got it there a big grease spot on the brown bag. nobody likes to eat anything with a big, brown grease spot. all right, and the other thing i wanted to talk about, when you look at the stuff they have there, vegetarian curry, tamale, salads and noodles. they are turning the bathrooms into pompeii. they want them to crap all day. have you ever had ethnic food? that's all that happens. >> it is an assault on our bodies. we have the most impressive foods in the world. >> we have hot dogs. >> i just like the idea that the junk food is now on the black market. a kid will get shanked at school. >> that's what happens with prohibition.
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>> do you know how many young girls will say, do you think i'm fat? i talked to a couple of shrinks about this. their words, not mine. >> e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. i need a favor. this is pornts. i want you to send us what you feel are your favorite moments from the show this past year. we will count them down and tally them up for our special new year's eve special. put in the subject header, favorite red eye momentses, and the subject header and send it to red eye at fox news .com. you can also call me on my direct line, but i probably won't pick up this week. 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he's our junk food. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by candles. the molded pieces of wax usually cylindrical in shape. thanks, candles.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> great, thanks. i should start, remember the pact we have a kim jong-il style viewing? >> you are aware that in my viewing i don't want my body in one solid piece. i want it showcased on very
3:33 am
various parts. >> i think they did. >> veronica, you said kim under the glass looks like deli meat. most prefered he were deli meat. >> or dogs. >> that's a horrible stereo type. >> i don't mind. they won't hear it. >> a friend went to school with kim jong-un, and he grunts. i want to thank you for that fascinating characteristic. have you talked to the state department about this? > what is the state department? >> yeah. >> true story. >> lou did everybody in the world know about this before our government did? >> our government is
3:34 am
profoundly lame. >> good answer. >> the first statement the administration put out was that they were aware of the report and they were working to get details, which i got the feeling they were checking twitter. and you said pho -- facetiously, that they are not aware how the stalin-type government works. >> it is a great system. but it has not been i'm plough minted right. >> did you see the op ad that was in the guardian on tuesday? >> yes. >> he said something like at least communist regimes dealt with incoming equality. >> if you go to the guardian op-ed page -- >> that's called first reads, tucker. >> come on, man. >> you usually sends me those things.
3:35 am
>> i wasn't feeling well. >> if we say stalinists, can we sill -- can we say illists for north korea? >> i think so. >> okay. newt says that romney should take them off the air. romney responds and says the ads were done by the super pack, and it would be illegal to tell them what to do. but isn't he being cut si e here? he could make it clear he doesn't like them. >> i'm sorry, i was just thinking about greg's buttocks. >> i know where i am warming. i don't know about you other ladies out there. >> are you repeat the question? >> now, now i'm thinking about greg's buttocks. >> i can't blame any of you. i spend at least 30% of my day thinking about my own buttocks.
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>> how about this, gingrich announced the negative ads. what about his spokesman saying on tuesday, he is either, quote, a lying person. >> and he didn't want to go in that direction. why is it the other way? why not say he is lying? >> i agree. why not say either a lying politician. >> you are not mutually explosive. >> look at why ron paul has this much support. >> i think they enjoy the racist newsletters. >> they are huge. kids love the racist newsletters. >> it is an under served market. >> if ron paul -- look at the guy. there has never been a more poorly market cked caned -- marketed candidate. >> actually i made my little joke. i actually agree with you. it is resonating with the
3:37 am
percentage of people. >> it goes with the pat robertson campaign. i think paul's support is bigger than robertson's. you. >> did he run or come in second? >> i think he ran. >> i would also add that instead of hitting delete, maybe you should read them. >> i learned something. >> what do you mean? >> not the guardian. >> they are fuelly -- actually called, my racist newsletter. >> you have to hit them on the subject. you have to say exactly what is what. >> and i like the backwards r in racist. it makes it cute. >> thank you. >> we have a cease and assist from toys r us. >> and then they read the newsletters. >> you know that giraffe is a bigot.
3:38 am
>> andrea, you refer to paul's supporters as energetic. i can think of some other words. >> you can do that? you are welcome. i have been on the receiving end of the e-mails and my inbox is full. so i will go with energetic. i have tweaked my passionate too. >> always go with passionate. they are so passionate. you don't have to be an a-hole. if you don't like somebody's opinion you don't have to scream somebody's name at them. >> are you talking to me? >> i don't know who i was talking to. >> by the way, politico is reporting that gary johnson is dropping out of the republican primary and he is announcing that he will run as a libertarian. are you okay? are you going to switch over to hunts man now? >> waste book 2011, greg, you mentioned the 175 imrand -- grand that is being studied how the sex life affects the life of quail.
3:39 am
i was surprised how dan agreed to that. >> i was surprised how bill got the funding. >> no, i am surprised bill was able to create the costumes that makes him look like a quail. >> that took me all night. >> you actually made the costumes out of your newsletters which i thought was clever. >> it is so lifelike. >> tucker, you were not impressed that he could find $7 billion in government waste? he does say in the intro to the report, that the report itself details, quote, 100 of the countless unnecessarily due plik tiff -- the unnecessary duplicative. products. >> i didn't -- i i just say that rhetorically. thanks for the ihop. we are enjoying it. >> speaking of which, just lastly on the school lunches, you said teenagers won't eat healthy food. but you admitted you haven't tested that. >> i know you can do that. >> it is all the way no -- to
3:40 am
numchucks. >> i have to get on that. it is on the to do list. >> i am done, greg. >> thank you, andy. coming up, kobe bryant is dead, tired of fans wanting an autograph. sometimes it is too much, people. let them have a moment of peace. oh look, it is, yeah, her. a story involving lady gaga.
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will you get cutoff if you sound off? according to a new study, offensive comments are the number one reason people unfriend each other on facebook. i would never do these stories. i can't believe we are doing a facebook story. other reasons, they don't know you well. you are trying to sell them something or there are political comments you make that are offensive. and some post thousands of pictures of their muscular thighs. well, if you don't like. it
3:44 am
go away. they are muscular. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuuuunnnnnnddd. lightning round. >> tucker, at this point in this evolution or life span of facebook, shouldn't it be a sport to try to get people to unfriend you? isn't it time to start shedding it until there is nobody left? >> that would be such a blessing. you never would have to do another farmville request. the fewer friends you have on facebook the fewer you would have in real life. >> maybe that's the point. people don't like human friends. is facebook now becoming the place you stop by once a month instead of like every day? >> i like people on my facebook page. they are on my show. however, you brought up muscular legs. when i get pictures of certain muscles, that's when i de -- de friend people or family
3:45 am
members. i had family members who wanted to friend me because i have a show called "the five." >> they are going to call me every four letter word in the book. >> i bet you get a combo. a ron paul supporter that sends a jpeg of a certain muscle and then asking for money. >> recognize me and my muscles? >> i used to be proud to be around you, but here is a picture of my muscles. >> you just told everybody about -- i'm sorry. i'm very sorry. >> are you a regular facebook user? >> i go on and i click because i am trying to get people to come to my come de shows. -- comedy shows. >> people we know or whatever, they go on to promote, and there are three purposes, promoting, finding ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends and seeing what they are doing and wondering what it would be like if maybe perhaps you pursued that, and the third thing is --
3:46 am
>> talking about your children. >> what about sexting. >> that's not facebook. >> you are really out of it. >> you really were at stalin's funeral. >> muff loading? >> i don't know what that is. >> mobile up loading. >> is that a euphemism? >> i think it is a contraction, right? >> what is that biological need to go to social networks? it is like opening a package and feeling something there. it is like a juice box of attention. >> but it is the russian doll-type. the more you keep opening and trying to find that present, there is nothing in it but lint. >> and the juice gets smaller and smaller the more you go there because you keep wanting more. you want five messages and not just four. >> come on. >> i said juice.
3:47 am
not jews. you know what newsletter to read. >> i had another question, but i don't care.
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supply welcome back. -- welcome back. british researchers examine more than 100 public baby changing tables. why would they do that? they found 92% had traces of cocaine. they say the results may suggest a rise in cocaine use in the region. smart officials -- andrea, you are high right now. let's not lie about this. is a baby changing station a good place to get high? >> i don't believe this at all. >> and if the coke is there, it must be from the researchers. >> coke on baby tables? it is not just baby powder and they are crappy researchers? >> whoa, whoa, whoa. those are baby tables? yikes. sorry, junior. >> we would go out and you would go, hey, dude, there is that new coke table. >> that was great. >> and now the odor makes sense.
3:52 am
>> that's the thing. people are upset about 92% of the tables being traced to cocaine. 100% show traces to maird. >> way to class it up. >> you don't have to bleep that. >> the price of baby powder has gone up a tremendous amount. when you are paying $4,000 for baby powder, it is a little suspect. >> when you are buying it by the eight ball. >> we could be over looking this one obvious fact. there are baby junkies out there. >> thank you. >> babies that are out there partying and pretending to be normal babies, but they are out there getting their freak on. >> was it just me or does every baby seem to go from 0 to 60 on an emotional level? >> when they start talking about the baby screenplays, they want to do "three men and a baby" again. shut up. >> then when you jingling keys, they really focus.
3:53 am
>> they really do. do we have another story? we do or we don't? oh, okay. "forbes" magazine has released -- it is a smooth joke. "forbes" magazine has released its list of top achieving peep under 30. making the cut, lady gaga, mark zuckerberg, jonah hill, human rights activist ronan farrow and justin bieber. veronica, were there any big surprises in this list? any emissions? >> the olson twins are still rocking it, robert they? >> i think they are -- rocking it, aren't they? >> they are in their 50s. and they are not doing well. >> lady gaga, i just hate her. i have nothing funny to even say. i just hate her. >> that's funny in its own way. tucker, here is the thing that bugs me, this young achiever stuff sucks. thisy pick people whose careers they are supposed to achieve when they are young. pop stars are supposed to be 25. show me a 50-year-old who
3:54 am
kandahar -- a 15-year-old who can perform open heart surgery. >> or a 25-year-old can a human rights activist. >> and you are mia farrow and woody allen's kid. >> when i think about it, that's a bigger achievement is being able to survive woody allen and mia farrow. that's an achiever. much bigger. >> this is the year of the protestor. i don't know if you have heard. >> was there anybody you would nominate? >> well, i would scratch from the list lil wayne. who is lil wayne? >> i don't know, actually. >> that was actually a nickname. >> and why are they all entertainers? why not some scientists? >> they did have those. the saddest one is mia farrow and woody allen's kid who is working for the state department. >> are you not listening. >> i was thinking about lil wayne. >> you have to admit poor sun
3:55 am
yoon. he gets this and she gets to sleep with her dad every night. >> which is the good one? >> they are both good in their own way. terrible. >> i am happy for jonah hill, young achiever and losing all of that weight. >> he is not funny anymore. >> who am i kidding? we will close things up with a post game wrap up with andy levy.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." look at this group. first time guest david angelo and lorn sivan looking at us like people do in those pr shots and rob long looking cheeky. time to go back to tv's andy levy. >> veronica, what are you doing new year's eve? >> working at stand up new york on 79th and broadway. come out and see me at 8:00 and 10:00. 1kwr50*eu cool.
3:59 am
-- cool. >> free booze? >> no. >> scratch that off the list. >> tucker, what about you? free booze on new year's eve? >> what do you think i am doing on new year's eve? eating donuts in des moines, iowa. >> is that code for some kind of -- >> literally eating donuts in des moines, iowa. >> is that some type of changing station? >> andrea, what are you writing about these days? >> i don't know. why do you have to pressure me with this stuff? i don't have an idea yet. but i will, and it will be out on thursday in the new york daily news. >> in two days? >> yes. hopefully something comes to me. >> how was los angeles? >> it was already -- all right, andy. but i will say -- i can't repeat this. >> back to you, greg. >> what happened there? how much time do i have? thanks, andy. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time.jj we still have 15 seconds. that was excellent timing, fry


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